7.8.1EB Wide band Intermodulation for UE category 1bis

36.521-13GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Part 1: Conformance testingRadio transmission and receptionRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification

Editor’s note

– Test case incomplete with Annex F.3.3 needing update. TT shall be same as legacy test case.

7.8.1EB.1 Test purpose

Same test purpose as in clause

7.8.1EB.2 Test applicability

This test applies to all types of E-UTRA UE release 13 and forward of UE category 1bis.

7.8.1EB.3 Minimum conformance requirements

Same minimum conformance requirements as in clause

7.8.1EB.4 Test description

7.8.1EB.4.1 Initial condition

Same initial conditions as in clause with the following exceptions:

Connect the SS to the UE antenna connectors as shown in TS 36.508[7] Annex A Figure A.6 using only main UE Tx/Rx antenna.

7.8.1EB.4.2 Test procedure

Same test procedure as in clause

7.8.1EB.4.3 Message contents

Same message contents as in clause

7.8.1EB.5 Test requirements

The throughput shall be ≥ 95% of the maximum throughput of the reference measurement channels as specified in Annex A.3.2 with parameters specified in Table 7.8.1EB.5-1 for the specified wanted signal mean power in the presence of two interfering signals.

Table 7.8.1EB.5-1: Test parameters for Wide band intermodulation

Rx Parameter


Channel bandwidth

1.4 MHz

3 MHz

5 MHz

10 MHz

15 MHz

20 MHz

Power in Transmission Bandwidth Configuration


REFSENS + channel bandwidth specific value below







PInterferer 1




PInterferer 2




BWInterferer 2




FInterferer 1



-BW/2 –2.1


+BW/2+ 2.1

-BW/2 –4.5


+BW/2 + 4.5

-BW/2 – 7.5


+BW/2 + 7.5

FInterferer 2



2*FInterferer 1

Note 1: The transmitter shall be set to 4dB below PCMAX_L with PCMAX_L as defined in clause 6.2.5.

Note 2: The reference measurement channel is specified in Annex A.3.2 with one sided dynamic OCNG Pattern OP.1 FDD/TDD as described in Annex A.5.1.1/A.5.2.1.

Note 3: The modulated interferer consists of the Reference measurement channel specified in Annex A.3.2 with one sided dynamic OCNG Pattern OP.1 FDD/TDD as described in Annex A.5.1.1/A.5.2.1 and set-up according to Annex C.3.1.The interfering modulated signal is 5MHz E-UTRA signal as described in Annex D for channel bandwidth ≥5MHz

Note 4: The reference sensitivity for category 1bis in table 7.3EB-1 should be used as REFSENS for the power in Transmission Bandwidth Configuration.