7.4F Maximum input level for category NB1 and NB2

36.521-13GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Part 1: Conformance testingRadio transmission and receptionRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification

7.4F.1 Test Purpose

Maximum input level tests the UE’s ability to receive data with a given average throughput for a specified reference measurement channel, under conditions of high signal level, ideal propagation and no added noise.

A UE unable to meet the throughput requirement under these conditions will decrease the coverage area near to an e-NodeB.

7.4F.2 Test Applicability

This test case applies to all types of NB-IoT FDD UE release 13 and forward of category NB1.

This test case applies to all types of NB-IoT FDD UE release 14 and forward of category NB2.

This test case applies to all types of NB-IoT TDD UE release 15 and forward of category NB1 and NB2.

7.4F.3 Minimum Conformance Requirements

Maximum input level is defined as the maximum mean power received at the UE antenna port, at which the specified relative throughput shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements for the specified reference measurement channel.

Category NB1 and NB2 UE maximum input level requirement is – 25 dBm. For this input level the throughput shall be ≥ 95% of the maximum throughput of the reference measurement channel as specified in Annex A.3.2.

The normative reference for this requirement is TS 36.101 clause 7.4F.

7.4F.4 Test Description

7.4F.4.1 Initial Conditions

Initial conditions are a set of test configurations the UE needs to be tested in and the steps for the SS to take with the UE to reach the correct measurement state.

The initial test configurations consist of environmental conditions and test frequencies based on the set of E-UTRA operating bands defined for NB-IoT in clause 5.2.F. All of these configurations shall be tested with applicable test parameters, and are shown in table 7.4F.4.1-1. The details of the uplink and downlink reference measurement channels (RMCs) are specified in Annexes A.2 and A.3 respectively. Configurations of NPDSCH and NPDCCH before measurement are specified in Annex C.2.

Table 7.4F.4.1-1: Test Configuration Table

Initial Conditions

Test Environment as specified in TS 36.508 [7] clause 8.1.1


Test Frequencies as specified in TS36.508 [7] clause

Frequency ranges defined in Annex K.1.1

Configuration ID

Downlink Configuration

Uplink Configuration





Subcarrier spacing







1. Connect the SS to the UE antenna connectors as shown in TS 36.508[7] Annex A Figure A.3 using only the main UE Tx/Rx antenna.

2. The parameter settings for the cell are set up according to TS 36.508 [7] subclause

3. Downlink signals are initially set up according to Annex C0, C1 and C.3.0, and NPUSCH Format 2 is used to carry ACK/NACK on the uplink.

4. The DL Reference Measurement channels are set according to Table 7.4F.4.1-1.

5. Propagation conditions are set according to Annex B.0.

6. Ensure the UE is in State 2A-NB with CP CIoT Optimisation according to TS 36.508 [7] clause 8.1.5. Message contents are defined in clause 7.4F.4.3.

7.4F.4.2 Test Procedure

  1. SS transmits NPDSCH via NPDCCH DCI format N1 for C_RNTI to transmit the DL RMC according to Table 7.4F.4.1-1. The SS sends downlink MAC padding bits on the DL RMC. The UE will send the HARQ feedback based on information contain in DCI format N1.
  2. Set the Downlink signal level to the value defined in Table 7.4F.5-1.
  3. Measure the average throughput for a duration sufficient to achieve statistical significance according to Annex G.2.

7.4F.4.3 Message Contents

Message contents are according to TS 36.508 [7] clause 8.1.6.

7.4F.5 Test requirement

The throughput shall be ≥ 95% of the maximum throughput of the reference measurement channels as specified in Annex A.3.2 with parameters specified in Table 7.4F.5-1.

Table 7.4F.5-1: Maximum input level for category NB1 and NB2

Rx Parameter


Maximum input level test requirement

Power in Transmission Bandwidth Configuration


For carrier frequency f ≤ 3.0GHz: -25.7