6.2.5EC Configured UE transmitted Power for UE category M2

36.521-13GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Part 1: Conformance testingRadio transmission and receptionRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification

6.2.5EC.1 Test purpose

Same test purpose as in clause 6.2.5EA.

6.2.5EC.2 Test applicability

This test case applies to all types of E-UTRA UE release 14 and forward of UE category M2.

6.2.5EC.3 Minimum conformance requirements

Same minimum conformance requirements as in clause 6.2.5EA.3.

6.2.5EC.4 Test description

6.2.5EC.4.1 Initial condition

Same initial description as in clause 6.2.5EA.4.1 but with the following exception:

– instead of Table 6.2.5EA.4.1-1 🡪 use Table 6.2.5EC.4.1-1

Table 6.2.5EC.4.1-1: Test Configuration Table

Initial Conditions

Test Environment as specified in

TS 36.508 [7] subclause 4.1

Normal, TL/VL, TL/VH, TH/VL, TH/VH

Test Frequencies as specified in

TS 36.508 [7] subclause 4.3.1

Mid range

Test Channel Bandwidths as specified in

TS 36.508 [7] subclause 4.3.1


Test Parameters for Channel Bandwidths

Downlink Configuration

Uplink Configuration


N/A for Configured UE transmitted Output Power test case


RB allocation



Narrowband index

(Note 1)



1 (Note 3),

3 (Note 4)

1 (Note 3),

3 (Note 4)


Note 1: Denote where in the channel bandwidth the narrowband shall be placed. Narrowband and narrowband index are defined in TS 36.211, 5.2.4.

Note 2: The RBstart of partial RB allocation shall be RB#0 of the narrowband.

Note 3: Only applicable for Power class 3.

Note 4: Only applicable for Power class 5 and power class 6.

6.2.5EC.4.2 Test procedure

Same test procedure as in clause 6.2.5EA.4.2.

6.2.5EC.4.3 Message contents

Same message contents as in clause 6.2.5EA.4.3.

6.2.5EC.5 Test requirements

Same test requirements as in clause 6.2.5EA.5.