G.8.1 General

36.521-13GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Part 1: Conformance testingRadio transmission and receptionRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification

The system simulator (SS) sends sidelink packets to the UE under test. The number of packets sent by the SS is predefined by the test time in G.8.3 and G.8.4 for requirements with throughput and probability of miss-detection, respectively.

The UE is required to keep an updated counter of the received PSCCH and PSSCH transport blocks and to report either PSCCH, PSSCH and/or STCH PDCP SDU metrics to the SS upon demand via AT command +CUSPCREQ [7]. The SS can use the reported metrics to determine a Pass or Fail decision.

Three state variables have been defined for this purpose:

1) PSCCH_PACKET_COUNTER: to count the number of received PSCCH transport blocks

2) PSSCH_PACKET_COUNTER: to count the number of received PSSCH transport blocks

3) STCH_PACKET_COUNTER: to count the number of received STCH PDCP SDUs

The UE shall increase the respective counters upon successful reception of the corresponding transport block. To manage these counters, it is required to close the UE test loop back mode E. Such operation is performed following an AT-command based procedure to set the UE in State 5A-V2X [7]. The counters are initialized to zero upon closure of the UE test loop back mode E.