A3.2.3 Electrical Man Machine Interface (EMMI)

3GPP51.010-1Mobile Station (MS) conformance specificationPart 1: Conformance specificationTS

A3.2.3.1 Methods supported for activation/deactivation of EMMI

– All possibilities specified in 3GPP TS 11.10, subclause 36.2.2.

– All possibilities specified in 3GPP TS 11.10, subclause 36.2.2, except activation by inserting a test SIM (when the ME is already switched on).

– Activation/deactivation only via layer 3 messages on the radio interface according to 3GPP TS 11.10, subclause 36.2.2.

A3.2.3.2 Transmission rate supported by the ME on the EMMI

A3.2.3.3 Layer 3 messages supported on the EMMI

– Layer 3 messages as specified in 3GPP TS 11.10, subclause, except: (followed by the list of messages not supported).

– others than defined in 3GPP TS 11.10 subclause table 9.

A3.2.3.4 Keystroke sequence messages

Non standard keystroke sequences to be used on the EMMI (in line with 3GPP TS 11.10, subclause

– related to tests of the mobile station features (3GPP TS 11.10, clause 33);

– related to testing of the ME/SIM interface (3GPP TS 11.10, clause 27);

– related to tests of autocalling restrictions (3GPP TS 11.10, clause 28);

– related to tests of supplementary services (3GPP TS 11.10, clause 31);

– related to tests of data services (3GPP TS 11.10, clause 29);

– related to tests of short message service (3GPP TS 11.10, clause 34);

– related to other tests.

A3.2.3.5 Internal malfunction detected messages

List of the error indicators provided.