4 Test Equipment

3GPP51.010-1Mobile Station (MS) conformance specificationPart 1: Conformance specificationTS

4.1 Terms used to describe test equipment in the present document

In order to perform MS conformity testing, the use of test equipment is necessary to provide the MS with stimulus signals and to analyse and record the resulting responses.

Throughout the present document the term "System Simulator" is used to describe the suite of test equipment required to interact with the following MS interfaces:

– antenna;

– acoustic;

– data port;

– power supply;

– DAI.

The term "SIM simulator" is used to describe the test equipment required to interact with the SIM/ME interface.

A "test SIM" has the physical characteristics of a standard SIM card, (see 3GPP TS 51.011) with specific parameters defined in Annex 4.

A "test USIM" (UICC hardware) supports the physical characteristics of “test SIM” and standard USIM (see 3GPP TS 31.101, 3GPP TS 31.102) with specific parameters as defined in Annex 4, Annex 4a and 3GPP 34.108 section 8.

4.2 Functional requirements of test equipment

The present document does not include a functional description of the test equipment required to perform the tests. These requirements should be deduced from the test descriptions and the information in annex 5.

Annex 5 describes the requirements for the test equipment which cannot be derived from, and which are assumed in, the conformance test descriptions described in the present document. Specifically, stimulus setting and measurement uncertainty requirements are defined in annex 5.