14.9 Paging performance at high input levels

3GPP51.010-1Mobile Station (MS) conformance specificationPart 1: Conformance specificationTS

14.9.1 Definition

The paging performance at high input levels is the signal level at the MS receiver input at which a certain FER for the PCH must be achieved.

14.9.2 Conformance requirement

The paging performance at high input levels requirements of 3GPP TS 05.05 subclause 6.5 a) for PCH under static propagation conditions shall be met from 20 dB above reference sensitivity level up to -15 dBm for GSM 400, GSM 700, GSM 850 and GSM 900 and -23 dBm for DCS 1 800 and PCS 1 900.

3GPP TS 45.05 subclause 2:

For T-GSM 810 the requirements for GSM 900 shall apply, apart for those parameters for which a separate requirement exists.

14.9.3 Test purpose

To verify that the MS does not exceed the conformance requirement with an allowance for the statistical significance of the test.

14.9.4 Method of test Initial conditions

System Simulator:
1 cell, Tx-Integer = 3, MAX RETRANS is set to minimum. The CCCH is combined with SDCCH. BS_PA_MFRMS = 9 to achieve worst case sleep mode (DRX). The signal level at the receiver input is set to:

GSM 400: -15 dBm;

GSM 700: -15 dBm;

GSM 850: -15 dBm;

T-GSM 810: -15 dBm;

GSM 900: -15 dBm;

DCS 1800: -23 dBm;

PCS 1 900: -23 dBm.

Mobile Station:
The MS has a valid TMSI. It is "idle updated". The MS should have been powered up immediately before running the test, i.e. if a Location update is necessary the MS must be switched off and on again. Procedure

The MS is paged and the SS starts timer T3113. If a CHANNEL REQUEST is received before expiry of T3113 the SS sends an IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT REJECT. The sequence is performed 4 times.

Between two consecutive executions the SS must wait for an amount of time which is enough to guarantee that the MS is in service (listening to its paging subchannel).

14.9.5 Test requirements

If the MS answers all pagings with a CHANNEL REQUEST the requirements are met.

NOTE: The probability for a good MS to fail this test is less than 1 %.