31 Test of supplementary services

3GPP51.010-1Mobile Station (MS) conformance specificationPart 1: Conformance specificationTS

The general aspects of the specification of supplementary services at the layer 3 radio interface are given in 3GPP TS 04.10.

The formats and coding are given in 3GPP TS 04.80. If the value of a parameter of an uplink message (MS to network) is specified in a test, the implicit meaning is that it has to be checked; if the value is not specified, it is not to be checked unless otherwise stated.

Unless otherwise stated, the MS shall be in the idle updated state at the beginning of each test (including repetition of a test).

In each test, before the MS sends the first REGISTER message, a MM connection is established.

3GPP TS 04.81 to 3GPP TS 04.88 give the procedures used at the radio interface for normal operation, registration, erasure, activation, deactivation, invocation and interrogation of supplementary services.

The supplementary services are described in 3GPP TS 02.04 and 3GPP TS 02.81 to 3GPP TS 02.88.

Whenever activation via the standard MMI is mentioned, if the MS does not support it but supports a different procedure, this different procedure is used. In the supplementary services tests, only the applicable (see 3GPP TS 02.8x series) MMI service code groups (3GPP TS 02.30 annex 4), of the basic service code in 3GPP TS 09.02,which are supported by the MAP, will be used.