14.2.4a Reference sensitivity – FACCH/H in TIGHTER configuration

3GPP51.010-1Mobile Station (MS) conformance specificationPart 1: Conformance specificationTS

14.2.4a.1 Definition

The reference sensitivity for control channels is the signal level at the MS receiver input at which a certain FER must be achieved.

14.2.4a.2 Conformance requirement.

3GPP TS 45.005 subclause 6.2.5

The reference performance for Tightened Link Level Performance (TIGHTER) specified in table 1w, shall be

  • For signalling channels (SCH, FACCH/F, FACCH/H, SDCCH) FER:  5 %

14.2.4a.3 Test purpose.

For FACCH/H, MS shall meet the reference sensitivity performance mentioned in 3GPP TS 45.005 sub clause 6.2.5, for reference sensitivity level mentioned in Table 1w according to propagation conditions.

14.2.4a.4 Method of test

14.2.4a.4.1 Initial conditions

A call is set up according to the generic call set up procedure on TCH/HS with an ARFCN in the Mid ARFCN range, power control level set to maximum power.

The SS transmits Standard Test Signal C1 on the traffic channel.

Specific PICS Statements:

14.2.4a.4.2 Procedure

a) The fading function is set to TUhigh.

b) The SS sets the amplitude of the wanted signal to reference sensitivity level, as defined in Table 1w.

c) The SS sends a Layer 3 message which does not require a Layer 3 response from the MS. Due to the low signal level the MS may not be able to acknowledge the Layer 2 frame with an RR frame and the SS will repeat the Layer 2 frame. Each repeated L2 frame will be counted and will indicate a frame erasure event.

d) The SS determines the frame erasure events during at least the minimum number of samples of FACCH/H frames.

NOTE: These frames will not be consecutive but it is expected that the statistical significance of the tests will not be unduly degraded.

14.2.4a.5 Test requirements

The error rates measured shall not exceed the test limit error rate values given in table 14.2.4a.5-1.

Table 14.2.4a.5-1: Limits for FACCH/H sensitivity

GSM 400, GSM 700, T-GSM 810, GSM 850 and GSM 900

DCS 1 800 and PCS 1 900


Type of measurements


Test limit error rate %

Minimum No of samples

Test limit error rate %

Minimum No of samples