C.2.1 Select mode +FCLASS

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

This command puts the TA into a particular mode of operation (data, fax, voice etc.). This causes the TA to process information in a manner suitable for that type of information (rather than for other types of information). The values and meanings of parameter <n> are specified in the following table.

<n> Mode

0 data

1 fax class 1 (TIA‑578‑A)

1.0 fax class 1 (ITU‑T Recommendation T.31 [11])

2 fax (manufacturer specific)

2.0 fax class 2 (ITU‑T Recommendation T.32 [12] and TIA‑592)

3…7 reserved for other fax modes

8 voice

9…15 reserved for other voice modes

16..79 reserved

80 VoiceView (Radish)

81..255 reserved

Table C.1: +FCLASS parameter command syntax







(list of supported <n>s)

Voice mode is of particular interest here, and has an additional result code +VCON. Specifically, +VCON indicates that the TA is entering the voice command mode and there is a voice connection to at least one audio input or output. This presupposes that some mechanism has previously initiated a connection to that audio I/O.