C.2.11 DTMF and tone generation +VTS

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

This command allows the transmission of DTMF tones and arbitrary tones (see NOTE 1). These tones may be used (for example) when announcing the start of a recording period. The command is write only. In this profile of commands, this command does not operate in data or fax modes of operation (+FCLASS=0,1,2‑7).

NOTE 1: D is used only for dialling.

The string parameter of the command consists of combinations of the following separated by commas:

1. <DTMF>. A single ASCII character in the set 0‑9, #,*,A‑D. This is interpreted as a single ACSII character whose duration is set by the +VTD command.

NOTE 2: In GSM this operates only in voice mode.

2. [<tone1>,<tone2>,<duration>]. This is interpreted as a dual tone of frequencies <tone1> and <tone2>, lasting for a time <duration> (in 10 ms multiples).

NOTE 3: This does not operate in GSM.

3. {<DTMF>,<duration>}. This is interpreted as a DTMF tone of different duration from that mandated by the +VTD command.

NOTE 4: In GSM this operates only in voice mode.

Table C.18: +VTS action command syntax



+VTS=as above


(list of supported <tone1>s),(list of supported <tone2>s),(list of supported <duration>s)