10.1.14 Show PDP address(es) +CGPADDR

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

Table 123: +CGPADDR action command syntax


Possible response(s)


[+CGPADDR: <cid>[,<PDP_addr_1>[,<PDP_addr_2>]]]

[<CR><LF>+CGPADDR: <cid>,[<PDP_addr_1>[,<PDP_addr_2>]]



+CGPADDR: (list of defined <cid>s)

NOTE: The syntax of the AT Set Command is corrected to be according to ITU‑T Recommendation V.250 [14]. Older versions of the specification specify incorrect syntax +CGPADDR=[,<cid>[,<cid>[,…]]].


The execution command returns a list of PDP addresses for the specified context identifiers. If no <cid> is specified, the addresses for all defined contexts are returned.

The test command returns a list of defined <cid>s.

Defined values

<cid>: integer type; specifies a particular PDP context definition (see the +CGDCONT and +CGDSCONT commands).

<PDP_addr_1> and <PDP_addr_2>: each is a string type that identifies the MT in the address space applicable to the PDP. The address may be static or dynamic. For a static address, it will be the one set by the +CGDCONT and +CGDSCONT commands when the context was defined. For a dynamic address it will be the one assigned during the last PDP context activation that used the context definition referred to by <cid>. Both <PDP_addr_1> and <PDP_addr_2>are omitted if none is available. Both <PDP_addr_1> and <PDP_addr_2> are included when both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are assigned, with <PDP_addr_1> containing the IPv4 address and <PDP_addr_2> containing the IPv6 address.

The string is given as dot-separated numeric (0-255) parameter of the form:
a1.a2.a3.a4 for IPv4 and
a1.a2.a3.a4.a5.a6.a7.a8.a9.a10.a11.a12.a13.a14.a15.a16 for IPv6.

When +CGPIAF is supported, its settings can influence the format of the IPv6 address in parameter <PDP_addr_1> or <PDP_addr_2> returned with the execute form of +CGPADDR.

NOTE: In dual-stack terminals (<PDP_type> IPV4V6), the IPv6 address will be provided in <PDP_addr_2>. For terminals with a single IPv6 stack (<PDP_type> IPV6) or due to backwards compatibility, the IPv6 address can be provided in parameter <PDP_addr_1>.