8.68 Availability for voice calls with IMS +CAVIMS

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

Table 8.68-1: +CAVIMS parameter command syntax


Possible response(s)



+CAVIMS: <state>


+CAVIMS: (list of supported <state>s)


Set command informs the MT whether the UE is currently available for voice calls with the IMS (see 3GPP TS 24.229 [89]). The information can be used by the MT to determine "IMS voice not available" as defined in 3GPP TS 24.301 [83] and 3GPP TS 24.501 [161], and for mobility management for IMS voice termination, see 3GPP TS 24.008 [20].

Read command returns the UEs IMS voice call availability status stored in the MT.

Test command returns supported values as a compound value.

Defined values

<state>: integer type. The UEs IMS voice call availability status.

0 Voice calls with the IMS are not available

1 Voice calls with the IMS are available