8.63 IMS single radio voice call continuity +CISRVCC

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

Table 8.63-1: +CISRVCC parameter command syntax


Possible response(s)


+CME ERROR: <err>


+CISRVCC: <uesrvcc>


+CISRVCC: (list of supported <uesrvcc>s)


SRVCC provides the ability to have a seamless handover of a voice call between the PS domain and the CS domain for calls that are anchored in IMS, when the UE is capable of transmitting/receiving on only one of those access networks (PS or CS) at a given time, see 3GPP TS 23.221 [90] clause 7.2a, annex A.1 and annex A.2. The SRVCC support also includes the support of 5G-SRVCC from NG-RAN to UTRAN as specified in 3GPP TS 23.216 [171] clause 6.5.4.

Set command informs MT about the SRVCC Support. MT normally updates the network when changing this parameter. Refer clause 9.2 for possible <err> values.

Read command returns the status of the MT stored SRVCC Support.

Test command returns supported values as a compound value.

Defined values

<uesrvcc>: integer type. SRVCC support status

0 The UE does not have SRVCC support

1 The UE has SRVCC support