8.0 General

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

This clause includes commands for MT power, keypad, touch screen, display and indicator handling. Also commands for selecting, reading and writing of phonebooks, and setting real‑time clock facilities are specified. Two commands are specified for accessing SIM/UICC database records in a general way.

Figure 7 illustrates the effect of these commands. Command Phone Activity Status +CPAS indicates the current general activity status of the MT. Command Set Phone Functionality +CFUN is used to set the MT to different power consumption states. Command Enter PIN +CPIN is used to enter MT passwords which are needed before any other functionality of the MT can be used (e.g. SIM PIN, PUK). Commands Generic SIM Access +CSIM and Restricted SIM Access +CRSM can be used to access all data in SIM/UICC. Commands Battery Charge +CBC and Signal Quality +CSQ are same as in TIA IS‑135 [16] and they are used to query the battery charge of the MT and the current RSSI of the MT. Command Mobile Termination Control Mode +CMEC is used to select the controlling unit of MT keypad, display touch screen, and indicators. Controlling commands for the TE are Keypad Emulation +CKPD, Display Control +CDIS, Touch Screen Emulation +CTSA, and Indicator Control +CIND. If corresponding event reporting is enabled with command Mobile Termination Event Reporting +CMER, +CKEV is the result code of a keypad event, +CDEV is the result code of a display event, +CTEV is the result code of a touch screen event, +COEV is the result code of a display orientation event, and +CIEV is the result code of an indicator event. Phonebook commands are Select Phonebook Memory Storage +CPBS, Read Phonebook Entries +CPBR, Find Phonebook Entries +CPBF and Write Phonebook Entry +CPBW. Additional command Clock +CCLK can be used to control the real‑time clock of the MT if available. Command Alarm +CALA sets possible alarm clock facilities of the MT.

Figure 7: Mobile termination control and status commands