3 Definitions and abbreviations

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document, the following syntactical definitions apply (refer also clause 4):

<CR> Carriage return character, which value is specified with command S3.

<LF> Linefeed character, which value is specified with command S4.

<…> Name enclosed in angle brackets is a syntactical element. Brackets themselves do not appear in the command line.

[…] Optional subparameter of a command or an optional part of TA information response is enclosed in square brackets. Brackets themselves do not appear in the command line. When subparameter is not given in parameter type commands, new value equals to its previous value. In action type commands, action should be done on the basis of the recommended default setting of the subparameter.

underline Underlined defined subparameter value is the recommended default setting of this subparameter. In parameter type commands, this value should be used in factory settings which are configured by ITU‑T Recommendation V.250 [14] command &F0. In action type commands, this value should be used when subparameter is not given.

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

5GCN 5G Core Network

5GS 5G System

AT ATtention; this two‑character abbreviation is always used to start a command line to be sent from TE to TA

ASCI Advanced Speech Call Items, including VGCS, VBS and eMLPP

BCD Binary Coded Decimal

BL Bandwidth reduced Low complexity

CAG Closed Access Group

CBR Channel Busy Ratio

CSG Closed Subscriber Group

EDC Edge DNS Client

eMLPP Enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption Service

ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute

FTM Frame Tunnelling Mode (refer 3GPP TS 27.001 [41] and 3GPP TS 29.007 [42])

HRNN Human-Readable Network Name

HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data

IMEI International Mobile station Equipment Identity

IRA International Reference Alphabet (ITU‑T Recommendation T.50 [13])

IrDA Infrared Data Association

ISO International Standards Organization

ITU‑T International Telecommunication Union ‑ Telecommunications Standardization Sector

MBS Multicast/Broadcast Services

ME Mobile Equipment

MMTEL Multimedia Telephony

MoU Memorandum of Understanding (GSM operator joint)

MT Mobile Termination

MTU Maximum Transfer Unit

NB-IoT NarrowBand Internet of Things

NG-RAN Next Generation Radio Access Network

NSLPI NAS Signalling Low Priority Indication

PCCA Portable Computer and Communications Association

PTT Push to Talk

RDI Restricted Digital Information

RLP Radio Link Protocol

RSN Redundancy Sequence Number

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

TA Terminal Adaptor, e.g. a GSM data card (equal to DCE; Data Circuit terminating Equipment)

TE Terminal Equipment, e.g. a computer (equal to DTE; Data Terminal Equipment)

TIA Telecommunications Industry Association

UAE UAS Application Enabler

UAS UAS Application System

UAV UAS Application Vehicle

UAS Uncrewed Aerial System

UAV Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle UDI Unrestricted Digital Information

UE User Equipment

UICC Universal Integrated Circuit Card

USAT USIM Application Toolkit

USIM Universal Subscriber Identity Module

USS UAS Service Supplier

UUAA USS UAV Authorization and Authentication

VAE V2X Application Enabler

VBS Voice Broadcast Service

VGCS Voice Group Call Service