10.1.76 NAS connection release +CNASCREL

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

Table 10.1.76-1: +CNASCREL parameter command syntax


Possible response(s)


+CME ERROR: <err>


This command triggers the MUSIM capable UE to request the network to release the NAS signalling connection for 3GPP access in EPS (see 3GPP TS 24.301 [83], clause and clause 5.6.1), or 5GS (see 3GPP TS 24.501 [161], clause 5.5.1 and clause 5.6.1) due to activity on another USIM. When the TE sends this command to MT, the MT immediately returns OK and triggers the release of the NAS signalling connection.

Refer clause 9.2 for possible <err> values.