8.85 Application level measurement report for NR +CAPPLEVMRNR

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

Table 8.85-1: +CAPPLEVMRNR action command syntax


Possible response(s)

+CAPPLEVMR=(list of <CR><LF>,<meas_config_app_layer_id>,[<app-meas_report_length>,<app-meas_report>],[<number-of-pdu-session_id-entries>,(list of <pdu-session_id>s)],[<number_of_buffer_level_entries>,(list of <application_layer_buffer-level>s)],[<qoe_measurement_status>],[<playout_delay_for_media_startup>]s)

+CME ERROR: <err>



This command allows the MT to provide a list of application level measurement reports according to 3GPP TS 38.331 [160]. Refer clause 9.2 for possible <err> values.

Defined values

<qoe_measurement_status>: Indicates whether a session has started or ended.

0 started

1 ended

<app-meas_report_length>: integer type. Indicates the number of octets of the <app-meas_report> parameter.

<app-meas_report>: string of octets. Contains the application level measurement report for the application indicated by the <app-meas_service_type>. The parameter shall not be subject to conventional character conversion as per +CSCS.

<meas_config_app_layer_id>: integer type. Identifies the QoE measurement configuration.

<playout_delay_for_media_startup>: integer type. Indicates the application layer playout delay for media startup in ms.


<number_of_buffer_level_entries>: integer type. Contains the number of <application_layer_buffer-level> entries.


<application_layer_buffer-level>: integer type. Indicates the application layer buffer level in ms in steps of 10 ms.


<number-of-pdu-session_id-entries>: integer type: Indicates the number of entries in the list of <pdu-session_id>

<pdu-session_id>: integer type. Identifies a PDU session ID.