10.1.35 UE’s voice domain preference E-UTRAN +CEVDP

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

Table 10.1.35-1: +CEVDP parameter command syntax


Possible Response(s)



+CEVDP: <setting>


+CEVDP: (list of supported <setting>s)


The set command is used to set the MT to operate according to the specified voice domain preference for E-UTRAN.

The read command returns the setting, independent of the current serving cell capability and independent of the current serving cell’s access technology.

Test command returns supported values as a compound value.

Defined values

<setting>: integer type; indicates the voice domain preference of the UE. The default value is manufacturer specific.

1 CS Voice only

2 CS Voice preferred, IMS PS Voice as secondary

3 IMS PS Voice preferred, CS Voice as secondary

4 IMS PS Voice only

NOTE: The definition for the UE’s voice domain preference for E-UTRAN can be found in 3GPP TS 24.167 [102], clause 5.27.