10.1.51 Receive UE policy +CRUEPOLICY

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

Table 10.1.51-1: +CRUEPOLICY parameter command syntax


Possible response(s)



+CRUEPOLICY: <reporting>[,<UE_policy_section_management_list_length>,<UE_policy_section_management_list>]


+CRUEPOLICY: (list of supported <reporting>s)


The set command controls the presentation of policy information to the TE by an unsolicited result code +CRUEPOLICYU: <UE_policy_section_management_list_length>,<UE_policy_section_management_list> when policy information is received from the network.

Read command returns <reporting> which indicates whether reporting of policy information is enabled or disabled. When reporting is enabled, the parameters <UE_policy_section_management_list_length> and <UE_policy_section_management_list> indicates the most recently received policy information at the MT. When reporting is disabled, no policy information is provided.

Test command returns values supported as a compound value.

Defined values

<reporting>: integer type. Enables and disables reporting of policy information received from the network.

0 Disable reporting

1 Enable reporting

<UE_policy_section_management_list_length>: integer type; indicates the number of octets of the <UE_policy_section_management_list> information element.

<UE_policy_section_management_list>: string type; coded as the value part of the UE policy section management list information element in 3GPP TS 24.501 [161] clause D.6.2, table D.6.2.1. This parameter shall not be subject to conventional character conversion as per +CSCS.