8.65 Remaining PIN retries +CPINR

27.0073GPPAT command set for User Equipment (UE)Release 18TS

Table 8.65-1: +CPINR action command syntax


Possible response(s)


+CME ERROR: <err>



Execution command cause the MT to return the number of remaining PIN retries for the MT passwords with intermediate result code +CPINR: <code>,<retries>[,<default_retries>] for standard PINs and +CPINRE: <ext_code>,<retries>[,<default_retries>] for manufacturer specific PINs. One line with one intermediate result code is returned for every <code> or <ext_code> selected by <sel_code>.

When execution command is issued without the optional parameter <sel_code>, intermediate result codes are returned for all <code>s and <ext_code>s.

In the intermediate result codes, the parameter <default_retries> is an optional (manufacturer specific) parameter, per <code> and <ext_code>.

Refer clause 9.2 for possible <err> values.

Defined values

<retries>: integer type. Number of remaining retries per PIN.

<default_retries>: integer type. Number of default/initial retries per PIN.

<code>: Type of PIN. All values listed under the description of the AT+CPIN command, <code> parameter, except ‘READY’.

<ext_code>: Extended, manufacturer specific codes.

<sel_code>: String type. Same values as for the <code> and <ext_code> parameters. These values are strings and shall be indicated within double quotes. It is optional to support wildcard match by ‘*’, meaning match any (sub-)string.

Example: AT+CPINR="SIM*" will return the lines:

+CPINR: SIM PIN,<retries>,<default_retries>

+CPINR: SIM PUK,<retries>,<default_retries>

+CPINR: SIM PIN2,<retries>,<default_retries>

+CPINR: SIM PUK2,<retries>,<default_retries>

Example: AT+CPINR="*SIM*" will additionally return the lines:

+CPINR: PH-SIM PIN,<retries>,<default_retries>

+CPINR: PH-FSIM PIN,<retries>,<default_retries>

+CPINR: PH-FSIM PUK,<retries>,<default_retries>