C.3 Interpretation of measurement results

37.571-13GPPPart 1: Conformance test specificationRelease 16TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification for UE positioning

The measurement results returned by the Test System are compared – without any modification – against the Test Requirements as defined by the shared risk principle.

The Shared Risk principle is defined in TR 102 273-1-2 [7], clause 6.5.

The actual measurement uncertainty of the Test System for the measurement of each parameter shall be included in the test report.

The recorded value for the Test System uncertainty shall be, for each measurement, equal to or lower than the appropriate figure in clause C.1.

If the Test System for a test is known to have a measurement uncertainty greater than that specified in clause C.1, it is still permitted to use this apparatus provided that an adjustment is made value as follows.

Any additional uncertainty in the Test System over and above that specified in clause C.1 shall be used to tighten the Test Requirement – making the test harder to pass. (This may require modification of stimulus signals). This procedure will ensure that a Test System not compliant with clause C.1does not increase the chance of passing a device under test where that device would otherwise have failed the test if a Test System compliant with clause C.1 had been used.