G.2 Environmental requirements

37.571-13GPPPart 1: Conformance test specificationRelease 16TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification for UE positioning

The requirements in this clause apply to all types of UE(s).

G.2.1 Temperature

The UE shall fulfil all the requirements in the full temperature range of:

Table G.2.1.1

+15°C to +35°C

for normal conditions (with relative humidity up to 75 %)

G.2.2 Voltage

The UE shall fulfil all the requirements in the full voltage range, i.e. the voltage range between the extreme voltages.

The manufacturer shall declare the lower and higher extreme voltages and the approximate shutdown voltage. For the equipment that can be operated from one or more of the power sources listed below, the lower extreme voltage shall not be higher, and the higher extreme voltage shall not be lower than that specified below.

Table G.2.2.1

Power source

Normal conditions


AC mains


Regulated lead acid battery

1.1 × nominal

Non regulated batteries:

– Leclanché / lithium

– Mercury/nickel and cadmium



Annex H (informative):
MBS Beacon parameters