10.3C FDD RSTD Measurement Accuracy for Carrier Aggregation for 10 MHz + 5 MHz Bandwidth

37.571-13GPPPart 1: Conformance test specificationRelease 16TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification for UE positioning

10.3C.1 Test purpose

Same as defined in clause 10.3.1.

10.3C.2 Test applicability

This test applies to all types of E-UTRA FDD UE release 11 and forward that supports UE-assisted OTDOA for Carrier Aggregation.

10.3C.3 Minimum conformance requirements

Same as defined in clause 10.3.3.

The normative reference for this requirement is TS 36.133 [23] clause 9.1.12 and A.9.8.9.

10.3C.4 Test description

10.3C.4.1 Initial conditions

Same as defined in clause except that the values of the parameters in Table 10.3C.4.1-1 will replace the values of the corresponding parameters in Table

Channel bandwidth to be tested: Cell 1: 10 MHz, Cell 2 and Cell 3: 5 MHz.

Table 10.3C.4.1-1: General Test Parameters for RSTD Test for E-UTRAN FDD for Carrier Aggregation for 10 MHz + 5 MHz






Cell1: R.6 FDD

Cell2: R.11 FDD

Cell3: R.11 FDD

As specified in TS 36.521-3 [25] clause A.2.1

OCNG Patterns defined in TS 36.521-3 [25] clause D.1

Cell1: OP.6 FDD

Cell2: OP.19 FDD

Cell3: OP.19 FDD

OCNG shall be used such that both cells are fully allocated and a constant total transmitted power spectral density is achieved for all OFDM symbols (other than those in the PRS subframes). There is no PDSCH allocated in the subframe transmitting PRS.

Channel Bandwidth (BWchannel)


Cell1: 10

Cell2: 5

Cell3: 5

PRS Bandwidth


Cell1: 50

Cell2: 25

Cell3: 25

PRS Bandwidth bandwidth is as indicated in prs-Bandwidth in the OTDOA assistance data defined in 3GPP TS 36.355 [4].

Number of consecutive positioning downlink subframes


As defined in 3GPP TS 36.211 [26]

Note 1: See Table for other general test parameters.

10.3C.4.2 Test procedure

Same as defined in clause

10.3C.4.3 Message contents

Same as defined in clause

10.3C.5 Test requirement

Same as defined in clause 10.3.5 except that the value of the parameter in Table 10.3C.5-1 will replace the value of the corresponding parameter in Table 10.3.5-1 and the FDD RSTD accuracy shall meet the reported values in Table 10.3C.5-2.

Table 10.3C.5-1: Cell Specific Test Parameters for RSTD Test for E-UTRAN FDD for Carrier Aggregation for 10 MHz +5 MHz






Io Note1

dBm/9 MHz




dBm/4.5 MHz




Note 1: Io level has been derived from other parameters for information purposes. It is not settable parameter itself. Io values are derived in the case that there is no PBCH, PSS or SSS in the OFDM symbols carrying PRS

Note 2: See Table 10.3.5-1 for other cell specific test parameters.

Table 10.3C.5-2: RSTD FDD accuracy requirements for the reported values for Carrier Aggregation for 10 MHz+5 MHz bandwidth


Lowest reported value


Highest reported value