10.3A_1 FDD RSTD Measurement Accuracy for Carrier Aggregation for 20 MHz Bandwidth (Rel-12 onwards)

37.571-13GPPPart 1: Conformance test specificationRelease 16TSUser Equipment (UE) conformance specification for UE positioning

10.3A_1.1 Test purpose

Same as defined in clause 10.3A.1.

10.3A_1.2 Test applicability

This test applies to all types of E-UTRA FDD UE release 12 and forward that supports UE-assisted OTDOA for Carrier Aggregation.

10.3A_1.3 Minimum conformance requirements

Same as defined in clause 10.3A.3.

The normative reference for this requirement is TS 36.133 [23] clause 9.1.12 and A.9.8.7.

10.3A_1.4 Test description

10.3A_1.4.1 Initial conditions

Same as defined in clause 10.3A.4.1.

10.3A_1.4.2 Test procedure

Same as defined in clause 10.3A.4.2.

10.3A_1.4.3 Message contents

Same as defined in clause 10.3A.4.3.

10.3A_1.5 Test requirement

Same as defined in clause 10.3A.5 except that in addition Table 10.3A_1.5-1 will replace Table 10.3.5-2.

Table 10.3A_1.5-1: RSTD FDD accuracy requirements for the reported values for Carrier Aggregation


Lowest reported value


Highest reported value