6.1 General

25.1023GPPRelease 17TSUser Equipment (UE) radio transmission and reception (TDD)

Unless detailed the transmitter characteristic are specified at the antenna connector of the UE. For UE with integral antenna only, a reference antenna with a gain of 0 dBi is assumed. Transmitter characteristics for UE(s) with multiple antennas/antenna connectors are FFS. For 1.28Mcps TDD MIMO capable Ues, transmitter characteristics are specified at each of the two antenna connectors,

The UE antenna performance has a significant impact on system performance and minimum requirements on the antenna efficiency are therefore intended to be included in future versions of this specification. It is recognised that different requirements and test methods are likely to be required for the different types of UE.

All the parameters in section 6 are defined using the UL reference measurement channel (12.2 kbps) specified in Annex A.2.1 unless explicitly stated otherwise.

For 1.28Mcps TDD, Ues supporting MC-HSUPA shall support both minimum requirements, as well as additional requirements for MC-HSUPA.

For the additional requirements for MC-HSUPA, all the parameters in clause 6 are defined using the UL E-DCH reference measurement channel, specified in subclause A.5.2. For the additional requirements for MC-HSUPA, the spacing of the adjacent carrier frequencies shall be 1.6 MHz.