8.3.6 Handover from Untrusted Fixed Broadband Access with DSMIPv6 over S2c to 3GPP Access

23.1393GPP3GPP system - fixed broadband access network interworkingRelease 17Stage 2TS

In this scenario, the session starts in a untrusted Fixed Broadband Access system using DSMIPv6 over S2c and subsequently, the session hands over to a 3GPP access system.

Figure 8.3.6-1: Fixed Broadband Access with S2c (DSMIPv6) to 3GPP access handover

If dynamic policy provisioning over S9a is not deployed, the optional step 4 does not occur. Instead, the Fixed Broadband Access network may employ local policies.

1. The UE uses a Fixed Broadband Access system. It has a SWu session with the ePDG and a DSMIPv6 session with the PDN GW.

2-5. The description of these steps is the same as for steps 2-6 in clause 8.2.6.

6. If the NS-WLAN offloaded connection is released (e.g. if the UE moves out of WLAN coverage), the Fixed Broadband Access executes the access specific resource release procedure and initiates termination of the IP-CAN session for NS-WLAN offloaded traffic as described in steps 4-6 in clause 8.2.2.