8.3.2 UE-initiated Detach Procedure and UE-Requested PDN Disconnection with DSMIPv6 on S2c in untrusted Fixed Broadband Access

23.1393GPP3GPP system - fixed broadband access network interworkingRelease 17Stage 2TS

The procedure in this clause applies to UE-initiated detach procedures (e.g. UE power-off), initiated by UE, and to the UE-requested PDN disconnection procedure. The UE can initiate the Detach procedure, e.g. when the UE is power off. For multiple PDN connectivity, this detach procedure shall be repeated for each PDN connected.

This clause covers also the termination of the IP-CAN session for UE’s NS-WLAN offloaded traffic initiated by the Fixed Broadband Network.

Figure 8.3.2-1: UE-initiated detach procedure with DSMIPv6 on untrusted S2c

NOTE: In the roaming case, the Step 2 terminates at the V-PCRF.

If dynamic policy provisioning is not deployed, the optional steps 2, 3, 5 and 6 do not occur. Instead, the Fixed Broadband Access network may employ local policies.

1. The description of this step is the same as UE-initiated PDN disconnection procedure in untrusted Non-3GPP Access Network as specified in TS 23 402, figure 7.5.2-1 steps 1-4 and 6;

2. The PCRF initiates Gateway Control Session termination procedure with the ePDG over Gxb*, if the last PDN connection is terminated for that UE.

3. Triggered by the IP-CAN session termination in step 1, the PCRF executes a Gateway Control and QoS Rules Provision procedure or, if this is the last PDN Connection for the UE, a PCRF-Initiated Gateway Control Session Termination Procedure with the BPCF.

4. The description of this step is the same as clause 7.3 step 4.

5. The description of this step is the same as clause 7.3 step 5.

6. The description of this step is the same as clause 7.3 step 6.