7.7 Network-Initiated Dynamic PCC for NS-WLAN offloaded traffic

23.1393GPP3GPP system - fixed broadband access network interworkingRelease 17Stage 2TS

This procedure is applicable if the UE accesses via a Fixed Broadband Access network, traffic is offloaded by the BNG where dynamic PCC is deployed. The purpose of the procedures is to provision PCC Rules over S9a for offloaded traffic in the Fixed Broadband Access. The Fixed Broadband Access is able to perform admission control and to provision policy rules in the BNG for the purpose to identify traffic based on the UE’s local IP address in order to enforce QoS.

Figure 7.7-1: Network-initiated dynamic policy control procedure for offloaded traffic

1. This procedure only applies if dynamic policy provisioning over S9a is deployed. Steps 1a, 1b and 1c are corresponding to architecture scenarios A, B and C and all of them are optional.

1a. For variant A, the service information is received by PCRF (non-roaming case) or H-PCRF(roaming case) over Rx interface.

1b. For variant B ,service information for a 3GPP UE identified by the UE’s local IP address or the IMSI is received by BPCF which will then sent it over S9a to the PCRF (non-roaming case), or to V-PCRF and the V-PCRF in turns forward them to the H-PCRF(roaming case).

1c. For variant C, the service information is received by the PCRF (non-roaming case) or V-PCRF (roaming case) over Sd interface.

2. PCRF generates PCC Rules for the offloaded traffic based on the service information provided in step 1.

3. Triggered by step 2. The PCRF (for non-roaming case) and the V-PCRF (for roaming case) initiates the PCRF-initiated IP-CAN session modification procedure with the BPCF over S9a to provision PCC Rules for the UE’s local IP address. In roaming scenario, the H-PCRF will initiate the procedure over S9 towards the V-PCRF which in turns initiates the procedure over S9a towards the BPCF.

4. The Fixed Broadband Access Network performs admission control based on the provisioned PCC Rules, and establishes all necessary resources and configuration in the Fixed Broadband Access network. The details of this stepĀ are out of the scope of this specification.