8.2.7 Network-Initiated Dynamic PCC for DSMIPV6 on S2c when accessing trusted Fixed Broadband Access for EPC-routed Traffic

23.1393GPP3GPP system - fixed broadband access network interworkingRelease 17Stage 2TS

This procedure is applicable if the UE accesses over a Fixed Broadband Access network which is considered trusted.

Figure 8.2.7-1: Network-initiated dynamic policy control procedure in Trusted BBF IP Access for DSMIPv6 on S2c

This procedure concerns both the non-roaming (as Figure 4.2.2-3) and roaming case (as Figure 4.2.3-3). In the roaming case, the vPCRF in the VPLMN forwards messages between the BPCF and the hPCRF in the HPLMN. In the case of Local Breakout (as Figure 4.2.3-6), the vPCRF forwards messages sent between the PDN GW and the hPCRF. In the non-roaming case, the vPCRF is not involved at all.

The optional interaction steps between the gateways and the PCRF in the procedures, step 1 and 3, only occur if dynamic policy provisioning is deployed. Otherwise Fixed Broadband Access network may employ BBF local policies.

1-3. The description of these steps is the same as for steps 1-3 in clause 7.6.

4. The PCEF acknowledges the provisioning of PCC Rules in the PCEF. For details please refer to TS 23.203 [4].