8.2.9 UE-Initiated Connectivity to Additional PDN with DSMIPv6 on S2c over trusted Fixed Broadband Access

23.1393GPP3GPP system - fixed broadband access network interworkingRelease 17Stage 2TS

This clause is related to the case when the UE has an established PDN connection and wishes to establish one or more additional PDN connections.

There can be more than one PDN connection per APN if the PDN GW supports that feature.

Figure 8.2.9-1: UE-Initiated connectivity to additional PDN from Trusted Non-3GPP IP Access with DSMIPv6 on S2c

1. The UE has performed the Initial S2c attach procedure as defined in clause 8.2.1 and has an established PDN connection.

2. The UE repeats the procedure steps 3-5 of clause 8.2.1, Figure 8.2.1-1 for each additional PDN the UE wants to connect to.

– In Step 7, if no Gateway Control session over S9a for this UE, then the PCRF initiates the Gateway Control Session Establishment procedure with the BPCF. Otherwise, the PCRF provide new QoS rules corresponding to the new PDN connection to the BPCF using the Gateway Control and QoS Rules Provisioning procedure.