8.4.2 NB-IoT RRM Reference system configurations

36.5083GPPCommon test environments for User Equipment (UE) conformance testingEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC)Release 17TS NB-IoT Common parameters for simulated NB-IoT cells NB-IoT Combinations of system information blocks

The NB-IoT combination of system information blocks required by a test case depends on the test case scenario. In clause 8.1.4 of this document, the NB-IoT combinations of system information blocks are defined. NB-IoT Scheduling of system information blocks

Same NB-IoT scheduling of system information blocks as defined in clause NB-IoT Common contents of system information messages

– MasterInformationBlock-NB

As defined in Table with the following exceptions.

Table MasterInformationBlock-NB

Derivation Path: 36.331 clause 6.7.2

Information Element




MasterInformationBlock-NB ::= SEQUENCE {

operationModeInfo-r13 CHOICE {

inband-SamePCI-r13 SEQUENCE {







  • SystemInformation-NB

As defined in Table without exceptions.

  • SystemInformationBlockType1-NB

As defined in Table without exceptions.

  • SystemInformationBlockType2-NB

As defined in Table without exceptions.