C.1 General

37.145-23GPPActive Antenna System (AAS) Base Station (BS) conformance testingPart 2: radiated conformance testingRelease 17TS

The test requirements explicitly defined in this specification have been calculated by relaxing the minimum requirements of the core specification using the Test Tolerances defined here. When the Test Tolerance is non-zero, the test requirements will differ from the minimum requirements, and the formula used for this relaxation is given in the following tables.

The Test Tolerances are derived from Test System uncertainties.

The Test Tolerances should not be modified for any reason e.g. to take account of commonly known test system errors (such as mismatch, cable loss, etc.).

Note that a formula for applying Test Tolerances is provided for all tests.

NOTE: OTA test requirements for AAS BS are specified for Normal conditions, only.