6.1 General

37.145-23GPPActive Antenna System (AAS) Base Station (BS) conformance testingPart 2: radiated conformance testingRelease 17TS

General test conditions for transmitter tests are given in clause 4, including interpretation of measurement results and configuration for testing. AAS BS configurations for the tests are defined in clause 4.8.

If beams have been declared equivalent and parallel (see table 4.10-1, D9.12, D9.13), only a representative beam is necessary to be tested to demonstrate conformance. The manufacturer shall declare the minimum number of supported geographical cells (i.e. geographical areas). The minimum number of supported geographical cells (Ncells) relates to the AAS BS setting with the minimum amount of cell splitting supported.

OTA AAS BS transmitter requirements apply per geographical cell.

Any radiated transmitter test requirement specified in TS 37.105 [6] is not applicable for AAS BS operation in Band 46.

For OTA base station output power (clause 6.3), OTA transmit ON/OFF power (clause 6.5), OTA unwanted emissions requirements (clause 6.7) and OTA receiver spurious emissions (clause 7.7), TRP is defined in spherical coordinates as:

, where PD(r,,) is the power density in W/m2 of two orthogonal polarizations at a distance r (meters).

NOTE: General TRP expression that is obtained by integrating the Poynting vector over a spherical surface.