C.18 Registration of IPv6 Multicast Address as session parameter of Service Announcement service which indicates availability of ROM service

26.3463GPPMultimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS)Protocols and codecsRelease 17TS

The registered IPv6 multicast address ‘FF0X:0:0:0:0:0:0:177’, with the allocation name "3GPP MBMS SACH" as specified in IANA’s IPv6 Multicast Address Space Registry [154] and described below is used in conjunction with other pre-defined session parameters to enable the discovery and acquisition of a Service Announcement service which in turn indicates the availability of ROM service(s).

(Requester) Full Name: Charles Lo

(Requester) E-mail: clo@qti.qualcomm.com

Local Scope: No

Permanence: Yes

Unicast Prefix-based Multicast: No

Source-specific Multicast: No

Assignment Block: Link-Local Scope

Link Local Usage: Yes

Global Usage: Yes

Network Protocol: FLUTE/UDP/IP

Message Composition:


FLUTE protocol is used for IP multicast delivery of 3GPP MBMS services from cellular network to receiving devices.


Broadcast-specific application content is delivered as MBMS services over FLUTE from cellular network to receiving devices.

Previous requests: Yes (See NOTE below)

Period of Use: Indefinite


3GPP Technical Specification TS 26.346, "Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service; Protocols and codecs", available at https://portal.3gpp.org/desktopmodules/Specifications/SpecificationDetails.aspx?specificationId=1452

Allocation name: 3GPP MBMS SACH

Additional Information:

NOTE: Application for assignment of this IPv6 multicast address was previously submitted to IANA during Release 14 in 2017. However, that application was not completed and was closed by IANA. Considering the history and the likelihood that Release 16 or later versions of this specification would be referenced in likely initial (future) commercial deployments of MBMS ROM services and associated service announcement, the new registration of IPv6 multicast address is described in this clause.