L.1 Introduction and Scope

26.3463GPPMultimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS)Protocols and codecsRelease 17TS

The MBMS User Services as defined in this specification offer a broad set of media delivery services such as for Live Video distribution over MBMS and evolved MBMS systems. In the historic development of the specification, as well as in the context of the broad applicability, different features and alternatives for the same functionality were added over time and different Releases.

This Annex defines a set of profiles. Each profile defines a set of features and tools to support a certain set of use cases. If an MBMS client claims to support a profile as defined in this Annex, it shall implement all mandatory features of the profile. If an MBMS User services offering claims to offer a service using a specific profile, it shall only use features that are included in profile.