L.5 MBMS User Service Discovery / Announcement Profile for Transparent Delivery Services

26.3463GPPMultimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS)Protocols and codecsRelease 17TS

This section profiles Service Announcement over MBMS bearers as described in clause 5.2.3 by defining a Service Announcement Channel (SACH). The profile describes how the MBMS metadata (as defined in clause 5.2.2) defines the User Service access information to enable UEs to receive MBMS User Services for using the Transparent Delivery method as defined in clause 8B.

The function of Service Discovery is to allow UEs to find the available MBMS User Services defined on the MBMS enabled network for MBMS User Services of interest. The UE needs the service access information to initiate the reception of a particular MBMS User Service, and to find the data associated with the MBMS User Service on the radio interface.

The Service Announcement Profile defined in this clause follows the principles of the Service Announcement Profile 1a as defined in clause L.2 with the following constraints:

– Service Announcement metadata fragments shall be delivered as one SA file.

– Only the Transparent Delivery shall be announced in the bundleDescription.userServiceDescription.deliveryMethod.

– inband fragments shall not be used, i.e all Service Announcement information is provided on the SACH.

– The Associated Delivery Procedure Description (ADPD) fragment should not be present and shall be ignored by the MBMS client.

A Transparent Delivery Service that is announced over SACH, shall indicate the required capability "24" in the USD to ensure correct processing at the receiver side.