26.3463GPPMultimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS)Protocols and codecsRelease 17TS

MBMS is a point-to-multipoint service in which data is transmitted from a single source entity to multiple recipients. Transmitting the same data to multiple recipients allows network resources to be shared.

The MBMS bearer service offers two modes:

– Broadcast Mode.

– Multicast Mode.

MBMS user services can be built on top of the MBMS bearer service. Further, the MBMS User Services may use other UMTS bearer services to deliver data. The present document specifies four delivery methods for the MBMS user services: download, streaming, GC, and Transparent. Examples of applications using the download delivery method are news and software upgrades. Delivery of live music is an example of an application using the streaming delivery method. Transparent delivery method allows the distribution of generic IP applications over MBMS bearers.

There can be several MBMS user services. The objective of the present document is the definition of a set of media codecs, formats and transport/application protocols to enable the deployment of MBMS user services. The present document takes into consideration the need to maximize the reuse of components of already specified services like PSS and MMS.