9.3.2 Procedures for Mobility management for GPRS subscriber

23.0783GPPCustomised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) Phase 4Release 17Stage 2TS

The different procedures for Mobility Management are shown in figures 9.4-1 to 9.4-5.

Figure 9.4-1: Routeing Area Update within SGSN Service Area

Figure 9.4-2: Routeing Area Update from one SGSN Service Area to another SGSN Service Area

Figure 9.4-3: Routeing Area Update from one PLMN to another PLMN

Figure 9.4-4: Attach of MS

Figure 9.4-5: GPRS detach

When a Mobility Management Event has taken place and the processing has been completed, then the SGSN may have to send a notification to the gsmSCF.

The sending of a Mobility Management notification to gsmSCF is independent of other CAMEL subscription data for a subscriber. E.g. a subscriber may have MG‑CSI without GPRS‑CSI.

The sending of a Mobility Management event notification is subscription based.

Refer to subclause 9.2.2 for a description of MG‑CSI and the different Mobility Management events that may lead to a notification to the gsmSCF. Procedure CAMEL_PS_Notification

This procedure is called from processes in 3GPP TS 23.060 [15]. When this procedure is called, it checks the presence of MG‑CSI. If there is no MG‑CSI, then no notification is sent to the gsmSCF.

Figure 9.5-1: Procedure CAMEL_PS_Notification (sheet 1)

Figure 9.6-1: Procedure Set_PS_Notification_Type (sheet 1)

Figure 9.7-1: Procedure Notify_PS_gsmSCF (sheet 1)