7.2 Detection Points (DPs)

23.0783GPPCustomised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) Phase 4Release 17Stage 2TS

For the general handling of the DPs, see subclause 4.2.

7.2.1 Criteria at DP SMS Delivery Request

The HLR may store a criterion that indicates when triggering shall take place. The criterion for DP SMS_Delivery_Request consists of a list of TPDU types. Refer to 3GPP TS 23.040 [14] for the available TPDU types. When the TPDU type of the Short Message is present in the list of TPDU types, then triggering shall take place. Otherwise, triggering shall not take place.

If no criterion is defined for a subscriber, then triggering shall take place regardless of the TPDU type of the Short Message.