6.3 Description of CAMEL Subscriber Data

23.0783GPPCustomised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) Phase 4Release 17Stage 2TS

6.3.1 GPRS CAMEL Subscription Information (GPRS‑CSI)

This subclause defines the contents of the GPRS CAMEL Subscription Information. gsmSCF Address

Address to be used to access the gsmSCF for a particular subscriber. The address shall be an E.164 number to be used for routeing. Service Key

The Service Key identifies to the gsmSCF the service logic that shall apply. Default GPRS Handling

The Default GPRS Handling indicates whether the GPRS session or PDP context shall be released or continued as requested in case of error in the gprsSSF to gsmSCF dialogue. TDP List

The TDP List indicates on which detection point triggering shall take place. CAMEL Capability Handling

CAMEL Capability Handling indicates the phase of CAMEL which is asked by the gsmSCF for the service. CSI state

The CSI state indicates whether the GPRS‑CSI is active or not. Notification flag

The notification flag indicates whether the change of the GPRS‑CSI shall trigger Notification on Change of Subscriber Data or not.

6.3.2 gsmSCF address list for CSI

The gsmSCF address list contains a list of gsmSCF addresses to which Notification on Change of Subscriber Data is to be sent. This list is common to all CSI.