4.5.10 CAMEL specific handling of location updating and data restoration

23.0783GPPCustomised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) Phase 4Release 17Stage 2TS

When requesting a location update or data restoration the VLR shall indicate to the HLR which CAMEL phases it supports and which CAMEL phase 4 CSIs can be downloaded.

The HLR may then send CAMEL subscription data to the VLR or, if some different handling is required, data for substitute handling. The CAMEL subscription data sent by the HLR shall comply with the indication of supported CAMEL phases and supported CAMEL phase 4 CSIs as received from the VLR.

When the location update has been completed, the MSC/VLR in which the subscriber is registered after the location update shall check the M‑CSI. If a Mobility Management notification to the gsmSCF is required for this subscriber, then the MSC/VLR shall send the notification to the gsmSCF.

Refer to subclause 9.2.1 for a description of M‑CSI and the conditions under which a notification shall be sent.