4.5.12 Handling of North American Carrier Information

23.0783GPPCustomised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) Phase 4Release 17Stage 2TS

The following procedures apply only when the HPLMN of the CAMEL subscriber and either the VPLMN (for a mobile originated or forwarded call) or the IPLMN (for a mobile terminated call or forwarded call) are both North American. A gsmSCF may then provide the gsmSSF with any of the following North American (NA) carrier related information items.

– NA Carrier Information;

– NA Originating Line Information;

– NA Charge Number.

A gsmSSF shall use the received information items both to select any long distance carrier needed for the call and to provide certain information needed by this carrier. Any required information items not received shall be defaulted to those that would normally apply to the call in the absence of an interaction with a gsmSCF.

If any NA information item received from the gsmSCF is found to be invalid, the gsmSSF may either, as an operator option, release the call or behave as if the invalid information item had not been sent.

If the carrier specified in the Carrier parameter is not supported in the VPLMN or IPLMN, the gsmSSF may either, as an operator option, release the call or substitute for the unsupported carrier a preferred carrier of the VPLMN or IPLMN.

Support of the NA Originating Line Information and Charge Number parameters is an operator option in a VPLMN based on roaming agreements with the operators of other PLMNs, A gsmSSF may ignore these items when received from certain or all gsmSCFs located in other PLMNs and replace them with the corresponding default items for an MO, MF, MT or VT call.