6.5.2 Handling GPRS in the SGSN

23.0783GPPCustomised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) Phase 4Release 17Stage 2TS

The functional behaviour of the SGSN is specified in 3GPP TS 23.060 [15]. The procedures specific to CAMEL are specified in this subclause:

– Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Attach;

– Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Detach;

– Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Routeing_Area_Update_Session;

– Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Routeing_Area_Update_Context;

– Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_PDP_Context_Establishment;

– Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Create_PDP_Context_Establishment_Acknowledgement;

– Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Change_Of_QoS;

– Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_PDP_Context_Disconnection. Actions of the SGSN on receipt of Int_Error

The SGSN checks the default GPRS Handling parameter in GPRS‑CSI.

If the default GPRS handling is release, a Detach indication is sent to the MS. The SGSN then releases all resources and the invoked CAMEL procedure ends.

If the default GPRS handling is continue, the SGSN continues processing without CAMEL support. Actions of the SGSN on receipt of Int_Continue

The SGSN continues processing without any modification of GPRS parameters. Handling of GPRS Attach/Detach

Figure 6.8-1: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Attach (sheet 1)

Figure 6.8-2: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Attach (sheet 2)

Figure 6.9-1: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Detach (sheet 1) Handling of GPRS Routeing Area Update

Figure 6.10-1: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Routeing_Area_Update_Session (sheet 1)

Figure 6.10-2: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Routeing_Area_Update_Session (sheet 2)

Figure 6.11-1: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Routeing_Area_Update_Context (sheet 1)

Figure 6.11-2: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Routeing_Area_Update_Context (sheet 2) Handling of PDP Context establishment and deactivation

Figure 6.12-1: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_PDP_Context_Establishment (sheet 1)

Figure 6.12-2: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_PDP_Context_Establishment (sheet 2)

Figure 6.13-1: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_PDP_Context_Establishment_Acknowledgement (sheet 1)

Figure 6.13-2: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_PDP_Context_Establishment_Acknowledgement (sheet 2)

Figure 6.14-1: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_Change_Of_QoS (sheet 1)

Figure 6.15-1: Procedure CAMEL_GPRS_PDP_Context_Disconnection (sheet 1)