B.6 Measurement of test environments

37.1413GPPMulti-Standard Radio (MSR) Base Station (BS) conformance testingNR, E-UTRA, UTRA and GSM/EDGERelease 17TS

The measurement accuracy of the BS test environments shall be.

Pressure: 5 kPa.

Temperature: 2 degrees.

Relative Humidity: 5 %.

DC Voltage: 1,0 %.

AC Voltage: 1,5 %.

Vibration: 10 %.

Vibration frequency: 0,1 Hz.

The above values shall apply unless the test environment is otherwise controlled and the specification for the control of the test environment specifies the uncertainty for the parameter.

Annex C (informative):
Test Tolerances and Derivation of test requirements

The test requirements explicitly defined in this specification have been calculated by relaxing the minimum requirements of the core specification using the Test Tolerances defined here. When the Test Tolerance is zero, the test requirement will be the same as the minimum requirement. When the Test Tolerance is non-zero, the test requirements will differ from the minimum requirements, and the formula used for this relaxation is given in the following tables.

Test requirements which are included by reference to TS 25.141 [10], TS 25.142[12], TS 36.141[9] or TS 51.021[11] have been calculated within the referred test specification using the Test Tolerances defined therein.

The Test Tolerances are derived from Test System uncertainties, regulatory requirements and criticality to system performance. As a result, the Test Tolerances may sometimes be set to zero.

The test tolerances should not be modified for any reason e.g. to take account of commonly known test system errors (such as mismatch, cable loss, etc.).

Note that a formula for applying Test Tolerances is provided for all tests, even those with a test tolerance of zero. This is necessary in the case where the Test System uncertainty is greater than that allowed in clause 4.1.2. In this event, the excess error shall be subtracted from the defined test tolerance in order to generate the correct tightened test requirements as defined in this Annex.

Unless otherwise stated, the uncertainties in clause 4.1.2 apply to the Test System for testing E-UTRA, UTRA, GSM/EDGE and NB-IoT MSR BS.