A.2 UTRA TDD interfering signal

37.1413GPPMulti-Standard Radio (MSR) Base Station (BS) conformance testingNR, E-UTRA, UTRA and GSM/EDGERelease 17TS

The UTRA TDD interfering signal shall be 1.28 Mcps UTRA TDD signal with one code. The data content shall be uncorrelated to the wanted signal. They are specified in Table A.2-1.

Table A.2-1: Characteristics of UTRA TDD interfering signal

UTRA TDD option

Type of Interfering Signal

1.28 Mcps UTRA TDD

1,28 Mcps UTRA TDD signal with one code*

NOTE *: The channelisation code ID and Midamble shift shall be different with the wanted signal’s.