B.6 Measurement of test environments

37.145-13GPPActive Antenna System (AAS) Base Station (BS) conformance testingPart 1: conducted conformance testingRelease 17TS

The measurement accuracy of the BS test environments shall be:

Pressure: 5 kPa.

Temperature: 2 degrees.

Relative Humidity: 5 %.

DC Voltage: 1,0 %.

AC Voltage: 1,5 %.

Vibration: 10 %.

Vibration frequency: 0,1 Hz.

The above values shall apply unless the test environment is otherwise controlled and the specification for the control of the test environment specifies the uncertainty for the parameter.

Annex C (informative):
Test tolerances and derivation of test requirements

Test requirements which are included by reference to TS 25.141 [15], TS 25.142 [19], TS 36.141 [14] or TS 37.141 [13] have been calculated within the referred test specification using the Test Tolerances defined therein.

Annex D (informative):
Measurement system set-up