9.1 General

37.1053GPPActive Antenna System (AAS) Base Station (BS) transmission and receptionRelease 17TS

Radiated transmitter characteristics requirements apply on the AAS BS including all its functional components active and for all foreseen modes of operation of the AAS BS unless otherwise stated.

Unless otherwise stated, the transmitter characteristics are specified with a full complement of transceiver units for the configuration in normal operating conditions.

The manufacturer shall declare the minimum number of supported geographical cells (i.e. geographical areas). The minimum number of supported geographical cells (Ncells) relates to the AAS BS setting with the minimum amount of cell splitting supported.

OTA AAS BS transmitter requirements apply per geographical cell .

Radiated emissions with requirements described as TRP are defined as follows:

,where PD(r,,) is the power density in W/m2 at a distance r of two orthogonal polarizations.