9.2.75 CoMP Hypothesis Set

36.4233GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN)Release 17TSX2 Application Protocol (X2AP)

This IE provides a set of CoMP hypotheses. A CoMP hypothesis is hypothetical PRB-specific resource allocation information for a cell.

IE/Group Name



IE type and reference

Semantics description

CoMP Hypothesis Set Item


>Cell ID




ID of the cell for which the CoMP Hypothesis IE is applied.

>CoMP Hypothesis


BIT STRING (6..4400, …)

Each position in the bitmap represents a PRB in a subframe, for which value "1" indicates ‘interference protected resource’ and value "0" indicates ‘resource with no utilization constraints,’ which is applicable only in positions corresponding to the DL direction.

The first bit corresponds to PRB 0 of the first subframe for which the IE is valid, the second bit corresponds to PRB 1 of the first subframe for which the IE is valid, and so on.

The bit string may span across multiple contiguous subframes.

The length of the bit string is an integer (maximum 40) multiple of . is defined in TS 36.211 [10].

The CoMP hypothesis pattern is continuously repeated.

Range bound



Maximum number of cells in a CoMP hypothesis set. Value is 32.