9.2.128 Reserved Subframe Pattern

36.4233GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN)Release 17TSX2 Application Protocol (X2AP)

The Reserved Subframe Pattern IE indicates the pattern of subframes in which the Protected E-UTRA Resource Indication and Data Traffic Resource Indication do not hold.

IE/Group Name



IE type and reference

Semantics description

Subframe Type



Indicates what type of non-regular subframes the Reserved Subframe Pattern refers to (e.g. MBSFN).

Reserved Subframe Pattern


BIT STRING (10..160)

Each position in the bitmap represents a subframe. Value ‘0’ indicates "regular subframe". Value ‘1’ indicates "reserved subframe". For MBSFN subframes, the exception refers only to the non-control region of the subframe. The bit string may span across multiple contiguous subframes. The first position of the Subframe Configuration IE corresponds to the receiving node’s subframe 0 in a receiving node’s radio frame where SFN = Activation SFN. The IE is ignored if received by the eNB.

MBSFN Control Region Length



Length of control region in MBSFN subframes. Expressed in REs, in the time dimension.